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At the Law Offices of Henry Haddad, our Los Angeles attorney is multi-disciplined with a strong focus on immigration law and with vast experience in a number of other practice areas. We have achieved significant results for our clients who needed assistance on personal injury claims, family law/divorce, civil litigation and disputes, or business law matters. With over 34 years of practicing law and hundreds of families helped, we are fully prepared to represent you in a host of legal issues. Read more about the cases we can handle below!


Many people find themselves in a hole where there debts get larger and larger. Creditors don’t give a damn about your situation, your illness, your disability or your unemployment. They want to get paid and every day they are charging you interest. You have tried working out a settlement with them but they are too demanding and unreasonable and the phone calls just keep on coming.


As a general rule, if you cannot pay off your debts in three years, after figuring out an austere budget and working two jobs to make ends meet, then you should consider financial relief under our bankruptcy law.


Filing bankruptcy can be embarrassing and not something you ever saw yourself doing but, if you tried all other approaches and nothing seems to work, then why continue to suffer. Large corporations and even local government have filed for bankruptcy relief when they were not able to pay their debts.


Find out if you qualify for relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Law because that will stop all creditors from collecting any amount of money from you. Not even a dime. What you need to know are who are the secured and unsecured creditors that are chasing you and what loans or obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.


The Law Offices of Henry Haddad has represented many people in filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the relief our clients feel when they are no longer hounded by aggressive creditors and they are allowed to keep their hard earned wages is heart- warming. Bankruptcy brings an end to financial nightmare. It brings an end to unintended financial mistakes you have made. It brings an end to the harassment you get from collection agencies for events that happened which were out of your control. You didn’t chose to get laid off. You didn’t chose to get sick. You didn’t do anything wrong so what are you being punished.


Life is too short for you to carry on heavy debts to your grave. If you can’t make ends meet, month to month, then you have to make serious but reasonable adjustments to your life and filing bankruptcy may be the alternative you have been looking for.


The Law Offices of Henry Haddad has represented many people in bankruptcy proceedings. We know you are financially stressed and we believe you are entitled to a new beginning just like everyone else.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Business Law

The Law Offices of Henry Haddad can help you:

Structure your business and / or Purchase a Business

Licenses and permits,

Loans and creditors,

Tenant improvements and Landlord issues,

Draft business contracts, operating agreements, sale agreements,

Corporate legal structure.

Draft business contracts, operating agreements, sale agreements,

Timing of actions,

Starting a new business is always an exciting time but it can also be filled with anxiety. Whether you made the right decision or not is something for you to decide and most often, things will fall into place and your goals will be met or exceeded. But, sometimes, it is worth having your lawyer review your business contracts, lease, loan agreement, as well as recommend the type of entity you should establish for your business: Sole proprietor; C corporation; Limited Liability Company; Partnership. Most often, it is customary to talk to your accountant to get advice on taxes and the entity that you should operate under.


Buying a business is not always a straightforward proposition. You need to verify the representations being made to you by the Seller especially with regard to sales, revenue, net profit, operating expenses, purchasing details, and debts. Have you obtained warranties from the Seller?


Having our office draft or review agreements for you before you take the plunge is helpful and will give you a peace of mind so that you may focus on your business.

When you purchase an existing business, a different set of issues arise:

What was discussed and agreed upon between the buyer and the seller?

Was an agreement entered into?

What representations and warranties have been made?

What contingencies have been placed to allow you to purchase or sell on your terms?

Purchasing a business is a process that you must take with an understanding of your rights, awareness of timeliness of actions and performance of due diligence.


Most business ideas start with a gut feeling about a product or a service and lot of people succeed just by their own efforts. A lot of people also find that they got themselves in a bind by rushing through a process they did not understand. The reason behind that could be that sometimes they were pressured by a broker or circumstances beyond their control and felt that they were trapped. At all times, having an attorney guide you and represent you, from the beginning, would lead you to less confusion and stress and a more positive outcome.


Keep in mind that you should decide on the type of entity that you want your business to operate under. For instance, will you incorporate or form a limited liability company? These are things that you should consider because there will be tax consequences for you as your business progresses and you generate higher revenues.

Handling Business Litigation Matters

No one wants to get into a law suit. Any lawyer who paints a pretty picture about litigation is lying to you. The process is grueling and takes up your most precious resources: time and money.


Our number one goal is to prevent litigation from happening in the first place whenever possible. But, sometimes that is not possible. Our goal is to protect you, your assets, your time, and your money. However, there are some instances where litigation may be in your and your company’s best interest. Under these circumstances, we advise you strategically, based on years of experience, how to mitigate damages and achieve the best outcome from your case. Whether your goal in litigation is to deny all liability, reduce damages or to obtain a Judgment for all your losses, we are here to ensure that your goals are met.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Henry Haddad to get a Los Angeles business lawyer on your side.

Family Law

After many years of practice in this field, it is our conclusion that the best course of action if you want to divorce, is to settle with your spouse, especially if you have children.


You should spend money paying for a Pre-nuptial Agreement, a Post-Marital Agreement and a Settlement Agreement instead of exorbitant attorney’s fees to fight against your spouse in court hearings. Unless there is Domestic Violence, in most situations it is better to resolve issues.


It is a good practice to have an agreement in place before anger, resentment, frustration, and jealousy set into your relationship. But using the Judicial system to get back at your spouse or to deprive him or her of custody and visitation is not a matter we would accept. However, we will represent you if you are reasonable and both parties are willing to settle.


When you are going through a family law matter, it is important that you work with an attorney who is both skilled and compassionate. In addition, you should hire a lawyer who has a vast experience and a proven history of success. The Los Angeles family lawyer at the Law Offices of Henry Haddad can claim all these traits. Henry Haddad treats every case that he handles with his full, personalized attention. Moreover, he is backed by over 35 years of experience and can take on even the most difficult and complex matters with confidence.

Our team is able to help you with the following types of family law matters and more:


Division of property

Child/spousal support


Pre-nuptial agreements

Wills & Trusts

If you own a home and real estate (apartment building, duplexes, land) of any kind, then you should consider establishing a Revocable Trust in your family plan to take care of your heirs. The advantages of a Trust are as follows:


(A) Avoid probate court, delays, excessive attorney’s fees and court supervision of the distribution process.


(B) As a Trustee, you would be in control of your assets and you are  free to do whatever you want with your property while you are alive.


The costs of establishing a Trust is reasonable and well worth it as you will be saving time and money, as well as a huge headache for your family.


Because these issues are often surrounded by so much emotion, our lawyer treats you with the respect and care that you need during this difficult time. As your advocate, he can fight tirelessly to protect your best interests through every step of your case.

Civil Litigation

This is primarily about money whether it arises from a business dispute, partnership dispute, collection matter, money owed, default on a loan, and you either want to sue somebody to recover what you are owed or you want to defend a lawsuit where someone is making outrageous claims against you. We have handled those legal matters.


Suing someone or a company as well as defending a lawsuit puts you into litigation and involves following a procedure that is time consuming, and costly. You should avoid it as much as you can and take advantage of Small Claims Court for those matters under $10,000 because there are no attorneys involved other than those representing a corporation; it is quicker and does not have a complicated procedure. But if you cannot avoid it, then contact our office and we will do our best to give you an overall picture of the process, fees and costs, be straightforward with you the entire time and try to keep costs down.

Examples of civil litigation matters include:

Contract disputes

Tort claims

Obligation disputes

Commercial law

Whatever the case, we are here to help you. Tell us about the details of your situation during a free case evaluation with our lawyer. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you take effective and precise action that will further your best interest.

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