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Are you facing financial hardship?


Do you have creditors calling you repeatedly, threatening you if you don’t pay?


Are you wondering what the future holds for you and your family? If so, contact Mr. Haddad chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible. Over the past four decades, our bankruptcy law firm has helped thousands of individuals file chapter 7 bankruptcy to obtain financial relief. 


Choosing that right chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer is key to your success and peace and mind. Unlike other law firms, we are empathetic towards our clients and understand your financial challenges.


When you sign up with us, you are not a case number—you are a member of our family. We will treat you with the care, compassion, and respect that you deserve.  We will utilize and exhaust our resources in order for you to achieve the most favorable case outcome.


Because bankruptcy law can be such a complex area to fully comprehend, our Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm understands that you will need to be guided every step of the way to ensure you get the outcome you deserve. 


Attorney Henry Haddad has extensive experience when it comes to chapter 7 bankruptcy. Your case will be worked on quickly in order for you to start experiencing relief.  


Due to the serious and sensitive nature of your financial situation, we strongly advise you to schedule your free consultation to determine if chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you. Our Los Angeles chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will work to ensure your voice is heard in court and will fight tirelessly in order to help you advance your rights. Our lead attorney will personally work with you every step of the way. From your initial case consultation through to the resolution of your case – we will offer you the personalized legal solutions and one-on-one attention you deserve.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer Mr. Haddad can assist you with any of the following matters:

1. You were laid off due to the Coronavirus shut-down.


2. You lost your job or business opportunity.


3. You were sick, disabled, or hospitalized even for a short time.


4. Hospital and medical bills are through the roof.


5. You are working but your debts keep piling on.


6. Credit card interest rates are ridiculously high and are killing you.


7. Your monthly payments overwhelm you.


8. You cannot curb your spending habits & get thrills receiving packages.


9. You have tried debt-consolidation companies but they are a rip-off.


10. You want to pay off your debts but why sacrifice for 3 years or more.


11. Taking care of your family’s needs comes first.


12. You do not know how you got to be financially upside-down.


13. You were trying to keep up with the “Joneses” but they moved on.


14. You were trying to keep up with the “Joneses” but you moved on.


15. You are stressed out most of the time.


16. Your life has become complicated with all your possessions.


17. You want a simpler way to live and to enjoy life.


18. You lost track of your priorities in life and want to smile more often.


19. ________________________________________________(your reason).


20. There is no other way out for you and you want a start over.

3 Reasons to Hire a Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Lawyer

1. Creditors and collection agencies are calling you at odd hours

2. Lawsuits have been threatened or were filed against you

3. You have had enough trying to deal with them on your own

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in a Nutshell

1. Identify the type of debt you have as either “Secured” or “Unsecured”.

(a) Secured Debts: These are generally car loans, home loans or mortgages, loans secured by an asset (collateral) or Judgments against you in which the creditor is trying to garnish your wages, obtained a writ and froze your bank account, or filed an Abstract and now has a lien on your home or property.

(b) Unsecured Debts: These are generally credit card charges, hospital or medical bills, state or federal taxes owing for more than 3 years.

* [Student loans, family support, court fines, and recent tax obligations are not discharged.]

** [Credit card charges or loans obtained within 90 days before filing bankruptcy are not discharged so don’t go crazy and maximize your credit cards or cashing them out.]

*** [Transfers made within four years that were not for value (not sold in a normal or customary way) or transfers to hide assets from creditors are not discharged. A common example is quitclaiming your home to your brother, sister or friend to hide it from a creditor.]

2. Identify your Assets:

(a) Do you own a home in which the equity is more than $75,000 for an individual, $100,000 for a married couple, $175,000 for elderly or disabled. If you do then:

(i) perhaps you should not file chapter 7 but a chapter 13 may work for you.
(ii) find out what your equity is and accept the fact that we may need to negotiate a pay-off amount with the Trustee.
(iii) sell your home and pay off your creditors.
(iv) sell your home and have the creditors chase you down.

(b) If you have your own business and wish to continue to operate it then, under some circumstances you may be able to continue to do so (accountants, handymen, consultants, are an example, the list is vast) but if your business has inventory, equipment, or other valuable assets such as account receivables, list of customers, etc. then you should consider another route to take to relieve you from your debt obligations.

(c) If you have a savings account, investment account other than a retirement account or 401K plan, valuable assets such as an art or gold collection then you may have to give them or choose another route.

3. Identify your Earnings:

This is easy. What is your salary? How much money have you made during the past 12 months. There is a threshold amount that cannot be exceeded in order to be eligible to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. Obviously, it is different for an individual, married couples, and or individuals or married couples with children and dependents. Generally, for an individual the amount if $ __________.

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