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Deferred Action (DACA) also known as the Dream Act, is a gift from President Obama to the undocumented youth of the United States which allows them to live openly and freely and to work without having to worry about their legal status. It is a benefit without consequences as a young person can only gain from applying for DACA. There are restrictions and eligibility requirements as well as a complex application process but that should not deter anyone from applying. Our Los Angeles immigration lawyer has guided and advised many young people who have been here for the better part of their lives, feel comfortable about themselves and in their community.


DACA Benefits You will Experience


There are many different benefits to being granted Deferred Action, the most important of which is being issued a work permit in a short period of time but it requires submitting a complete application with all the necessary supporting documents. A work permit allows you to get a social security card and a driver’s license and allows you to legally work and attend college. Deferred Action is a great opportunity to develop your career and future success if you are an undocumented youth and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should not apply.

In order to apply for DACA correctly with our immigration lawyer, you will need to meet these requirements:

You were under 31 years old as of June 15, 2012

You came to this country before you turned 16

You are currently in school, have your diploma or GED, or served in the military

You have never been convicted for a DUI or of a serious crime

You have been living in America continuously since June 15, 2007

Consultation for Deferred Action (“Dream Act”)

If you can show that you meet these requirements, everything will be examined. Once this position is filled, you are required to wait until the quota opens. This will allow your visa to process. In general, your status as a permanent residency status begins with an H1-B visa. This allows you to come to the United States at once and begin work with your U.S. employer for a temporary time. From here, you would need to file a perm application.

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