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Were you injured in a car accident? It can happen all of a sudden, even if you are a safe driver who obeys the rules of the road there is always someone on the road who is either in a hurry, inattentive, on his or her cell phone, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or simply driving dangerously in total disregard for the safety of others. In a busy city, car accidents are a common and in many instances someone will suffer a severe life disabling injuries.


So it should not be referred to as an ”accident”. Children have accidents because they do not know better or do not have experience but adults, young or old, who are inattentive while driving a motor vehicle put everyone’s life at risk. Speeding or running through an intersection on a red light, texting while driving or being under the influence while driving should not be considered an accident because we know better.


According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, there were 57,777 motor vehicle traffic injuries that resulted in emergency room visits in 2010, the latest year of reporting. If you or your family were injured in a car, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident which was caused by another driver, then it is critical to get a personal injury attorney to represent you so that you may obtain a recovery that fully compensates you for all your losses.


We have a record of getting millions of dollars in results for clients. We identify damages and injuries that are overlooked by many people. These normally fall within the quality of life circumstances and are compensable losses (you can receive money for you pain and discomfort).


From reconciling your medical records, evaluating your damages, assessing liability issues and interviewing witnesses in an accident, a personal injury attorney ensures that you are getting the maximum recovery you are entitled to. Don’t settle for less.

Providing You with Personalized Attention

If you do not have medical insurance we can arrange for you to get medical treatment from the best professionals. You won’t have to pay for your medical treatment out of your pocket; this allows you to focus on your recovery and your family-the most important things in life. This includes hospital stays and surgeries, if necessary.

It is unwise to handle the case for two main reasons:

  • Emotional Trauma: After a personal injury, your mind is under emotional turmoil, shock, trauma, depression, etc. Your attention should be on yourself or your family, healing your injuries, receiving proper medical care and treatment and on your recovery, and it is often difficult to focus on obtaining documents, carefully reviewing details and deadlines, and dealing with sharp minded insurance adjusters whose sole purpose is to deny your claim or pay a minimum amount on your claim.


  • Understanding Your Rights: What are you entitled to? What are all the important pieces of evidence you need to maximize the settlement in your case?


The insurance companies and witnesses don’t have your best interest in mind. They are often trying to collect the most, pay the least, or avoid the situation. You need someone who will fight for your rights, negotiate aggressively, and not stop until the case is closed and you are given what you deserve.


Although money will not bring your loved ones back to life or give you back your limbs, our legal system is set up to compensate you for your losses which tend to be life-changing and devastating. The compensation comes from insurance companies, corporations and wealthy individuals after submitting a personal injury/bodily injury or wrongful death claim with an insurance carrier.


But it is important to keep in mind that most motorists in California carry an insurance liability policy with a minimum coverage as required by law. That coverage is a pay-out of $15,000, per person with a $30,000 total per incident; that is, regardless of the nature and extent of your injuries. So you need to protect yourself by requesting Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage on you policy in the amount of $100,000, at a minimum, but it should be for a $250,000 and more and it is not too expensive but certainly worthwhile.


UM policy works by compensating you for your injuries when the following occurs:


– You were not at fault in causing the collision.

– The driver at fault had no insurance.

– You suffered significant injuries


The driver at fault had a minimum policy which would then allow you to access your UM coverage; for example, the other driver’s insurance companies pays $15,000, the maximum under that policy, this would then allow you to get an additional $85,000 from your own insurance under the UM sub-category UD (Under- Insured), for a total amount of $100,000 or $235,000 if your own policy had a higher coverage. Good news is that making a UM claim against your own insurance company does not count as points against you or increase your premiums because the accident was not your fault.


Lastly, clients ask to sue the individual for all he or she is worth. The problem with that approach is that most people who have a minimum policy do not have assets to satisfy a Judgment and as soon as they are sued they file for bankruptcy and the debt to you or your claim against them is discharged. The point being that you should not rely on others for your well-being. Take responsibility and increase your UM insurance coverage because it is for your protection.

You do not pay fees unless we obtain a Monetary Recovery for you

Los Angeles injury lawyer Henry Haddad personally reviews and handles every one of our personal injury cases. He is active in negotiating and has over 35 years of experience in personal injury alone. There is no second class team running your case-you get our personal time and attention.


Part of the process involves maintaining your mental health and financial well-being. It is important after an accident that you maintain a positive outlook on life, envision yourself healing, and look forward to a productive future. There are several great books on the topics, including Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics, a book that discusses the power of imagination in goal setting and healing. This may seem trivial, after suffering from a personal injury incident, maintaining mental health is critical for your long term success and full recovery. It should not be underestimated.

Millions Recovered for Our Clients

If you are in a severe accident, you need to ensure that your personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to negotiating with insurance companies and to take on the big boys from downtown law firms. You need someone who has experience with large settlements, and who can get you and your family the full value your case.

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