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If you are in the United States or at the U.S. border, you have the right to request for protection under asylum. If you are outside the U.S. you may apply as a refugee to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). If your asylum application is granted then you will be able to get legal residency in the United States after a period of time. If you fear for your and your family’s safety and well-being then at the Law Offices of Henry Haddad, we help individuals like you obtain safe harbor in the U.S. We understand that there are real dangers throughout the world, that there are many religious and political fanatics who have little or no regard for human life and have turned your life upside down. We will fight for you to keep your family safe and to stay here in the U.S.

In order for you to qualify for asylum you must demonstrate to the United States government that you fear persecution in your native country based upon one or more of the following factors:



An investment-based petition


Membership in a social group

Your immediate family members will be eligible for asylum status and you may seek permanent residency status (“green card”) one year after receiving asylum status. Your request for asylum is determined on a case-by-case basis. The burden of proof is on you and therefore it is important that you get the best legal representation and our Los Angeles asylum attorney to help see that your application is approved by an immigration officer or an immigration Judge.

Understanding the Difference Between Asylum Process & Refugee Status

Contrary to popular belief, refugee status and asylum are not the same thing. There are two main differences between the two forms of relief. Asylum seekers must be already in the United States and must submit the application to the United States government within one year of admission. Meanwhile, refugees seek help from the United Nations from outside the United States.

Throughout the time we have been in practice, we have helped many clients feel safe and protected by getting their asylum application approved. Do you have questions about the asylum process, the requirements, and how we can help?

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